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Hickory Dickory Dock

This past Tuesday we were scheduled to record Libby on the piano for a couple of our new songs. After setting up and beginning sound check, I noticed Jordan making strange faces at his engineering station.

It was proceeded by getting up and going behind his desk, unplugging cords, plugging them back in, replacing cords, leaving the room, returning with more cords, switching equipment off and then on again. It was an interesting sight, and if I've learned anything from working with my brother, it's to not bother him when he's in problem-solving mode.

Eventually he explained to me that our left playback speaker was much quieter than the right one. In fact, the woofer wasn't putting out any sound at all. We concluded that an inside wire must have come unplugged, so we stopped the session to open up the speaker.

When we removed the woofer, what we found was more than a disconnected wire. It looked at first like partially-burnt, shredded paper tucked inside a hole in the woofer padding. But when we looked closer, it was used coffee filters that had been chewed up and made into a tiny bed. A mouse had found a way into the speaker and made a nest, and in the process, chewed a wire in half.

No mouse to be found though. But we did find Jordan's old friendship bracelet that used to hang on his first bass guitar. The mouse must have liked their new home so much they started decorating.

Needless to say, this episode cut the recording session short, and we had to order a new woofer. You owe us, Mickey.

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