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What We Can Tell You Now

For the past several months during our annual creative hibernation, we've committed ourselves to writing and recording new songs together on a regular basis. It took some time to figure out the best approach for group collaboration, but we've begun something new and fresh. And their might be a couple albums in the future to show for it.

What can we tell you now? We're still weighing out some options, but what you'll see this coming spring and summer is more of a variety of songs and how they'll be performed. We're sticking with our current five members, but will be adding a few guest players here and there. We'll also be doing some acoustic performances that highlight our songwriting and storytelling.

For the new recordings, we currently have enough songs for a full album, but are branching them off in two different directions. One collection leans more towards our confessional, down-to-earth style of songwriting, and the other falls more into our fictional, character-based songwriting. Will this mean a couple EPs? Should we give it more time to develop a couple full-length albums? It hasn't been decided yet. But either way, we are excited to share the new material with our audience when the time comes.

We'd love to hear your feedback and any ideas you may have. You can post them below, or send us a message.

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