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Download Our New Album on NoiseTrade!

This offer is no longer available, but you can check NoiseTrade for other music offers from the band.

This past weekend we released our second full-length album, Live Life Slow. We were so happy to finally make the recording available to fans, and if you go to, you can download the entire album for FREE! That’s right. FREE! With the download you’ll also get a PDF of the 16-page album booklet with photos and lyrics, including liner notes, credits, and thank-yous.

Why NoiseTrade?

A few months ago, as we were planning the release of Live Life Slow, we decided we were in greater need of expanding our audience than making a financial profit on the new album. The way NoiseTrade works is a band can trade free music in exchange for an email address and zip code from someone who wants to download the album. This helps independent bands like us to build an email list of people outside our hometown. When we get a strong group of email addresses from an outside city, we’ll be able to book a gig in that area and send a notification to those people and have a greater chance of seeing a good turnout. We’re hoping this works out well, and we need your help!

How you can help

The biggest favor and thanks you can give us is to share the new album with as many friends as you can. NoiseTrade also allows fans to leave a tip for the band, which we greatly appreciate, but above all, we are looking for fans to share the album, share it agian, and then share it some more!

We'll end this post with some photos from our album release party at Kryptonite in Rockford, Illinois. You can see more on Facebook.


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