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New Releases


Grain of the Sky

released 27 SEPT 2016

Grain of the Sky is Starlite Radio's third and most collaborative album. The songs were born out of two years of group writing sessions, exploratory performances, and a final, week-long live recording session in a farmhouse studio. The recordings emulate the live sound and energy of the band playing together in one room. Careful attention was given to the poetry, emotion and playfulness of each song, making this album rich and enjoyable from start to finish. Grain of the Sky is midwest Americana at it's best — the perfect soundtrack for the rascal soul.

AWARDS – 2016 Album of the Year (Rockford Area Music Industry)


I Need Love (EP)

released 05 APR 2016

Starlite Radio's brand new release, I Need Love, is a five-song EP recorded in their farm studio. Track details:

  • I NEED LOVE – Studio version of the song from their 2013 Valentine's Day video. It has fun lead and group vocals and a sweet piano solo.
  • LITTLEBECK – Full-band version of their 2008 recording of Littlebeck. Piano and guitar hooks are featured, with tasteful background vocals.
  • FRIEND – Originally cut from their first album, this song explores a new, experimental sound for the band.
  • BONE TO SKIN – Also cut from their first album, this song has been recreated with new atmosphere and emotion, building slowly to a soaring guitar solo at the end.
  • OH, MY LOVE – A throw back to the ballad style of their 2008 recording of The Winter Moon is Fading. Guest guitarist, Dan McMahon (Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts), soaks the song with his signature Hofner tone and Harrison-esque style.


Full-length Albums



Live Life Slow

released 03 AUG 2012

Starlite Radio's sophomore album, Live Life Slow, is filled with welcome surprises: sunny, expertly layered harmonies, minor key barnburners, and guitar and wurlitzer solos that would sound at home in a classic LA singer/songwriter’s back catalog. The whole thing is bound together by the sensibilities that songwriter Nathan McDonald has been honing for years.

AWARDS – 2012 Composer of the Year (Rockford Area Music Industry), "Live Life Slow" (title track)


22 Blackbirds

released 30 MAY 2008

Starlite Radio's debut album, 22 Blackbirds, was recorded at Littlebeck Farm and features their earliest songs and stories: angel birds, a sister on the run, fighting gravity and pointing fingers, saying goodbye, looking for love, a bad episode, red boots, and a faint moon over melting snow—all sung with soulful melodies and glowing instrumentation.

AWARDS – 2008 Composer of the Year (Rockford Area Music Industry), "The Winter Moon is Fading"



Singles + B-sides



Made in the USA (Single)

released 20 DEC 2011

"Made in the USA" features a smooth and playful duet by Jessica and Nathan McDonald of Starlite Radio, with relevant lyrics that will make you smile and appreciate homemade goods! Recorded as a pre-album single to Live Life Slow.


Live Life Slow: B-sides

released 26 APR 2013

After being orphaned from the band's sophomore album, Live Life Slow, these epic, tongue-in-cheek siblings find a home in this rare, two-track volume. Both songs shatter the stylistic familiarities of a band known for it's folk and roots-rock flavor.



Compact Discs

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They are always available for purchase at any of our live shows.


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